Over the course of a year on the road we conducted an alternative field study for a mixed-media documentary that explored the state of art in America and the artist’s purpose as an educator and creator. We were curious about a society in which federal and state budget cuts were eliminating arts education and young artists had entered an economy (and a pre-existing art world) that didn’t accommodate or support them. We also focused on the artist’s relationship with activism and their position in our modern social movements.
How does the threat to creativity and critical thinking inspire and unify artists and thinkers of all kinds?  
The Crow and The Wolf Project conducted collaborations and experimental installation projects & happenings in order to research how collaborative and expressive art can shift the mental well being of a community and induce national unification in this country. 
Our stance was that our generation has an obligation to reclaim our responsibilities as artists to promote self-education, emphasize the importance of art in community, and activate social reform through creative communication.
To see the journey, please see HERE!
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